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  • Proprietary Technology: SmartStream

Solution Publishing is in the business of high-conversion lead generation and nurturing through the publishing of online journals in vertical industries that can most benefit from our proprietary SmartStream™ Technology.

Solution Publishing’s readership of 1.5 million+ opt-in professionals value our online journals as a portal to vocational interests and a research tool to explore and compare business solutions.

Current Publications Include:

IT Solution Journal is an email-based resource for all levels of IT professionals. Each week, our editors search and categorize news, editorials and how-to content from over 100 top sources. Through our proprietary SmartStreamTM technology, stories are then selected individually for each reader based on past interest and predicted future focus. Each reader receives his/her own personalized issue with just the most pertinent stories. IT Solution Journal readers come from all company sizes, industries and job function. They are closely involved in IT project planning, software development and systems procurement for their organizations. Their weekly content interactions gives our SmartStreamTM platform the unique ability to connect your offers or content to these pros just when they are ready to act.

582k Active Readers

Business Finance Solution Journal is an email-based, weekly publication that serves up the most active and timely edited content from across the web specifically for financial professionals working in North American companies. These are the pros that create and manage budgets while keeping their companies on track to achieve their strategic goals. The readership of BFSJ has a very low percentage of CEOs, and executive titles, and, instead, is filled with Controllers, Treasurers, CFOs and other finance-specific titles. That’s what makes this list perfect for vendors trying to get visibility with the money-people for their product or service.

48k Active Readers

Business to business marketing is not easy, but it is increasingly casting its shadow on the overall strategy of companies. From social media to email marketing to good old fashioned direct postal mail and telemarketing, understanding and executing on B2B marketing often separates the winning companies from those that fail to take hold of their market. BtoBSJ is designed to give marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and business executives a leg up by aggregating the best content from the world of B2B media into one weekly sourced email delivered to their inbox. Our editors use more than 55 vetted story sources each week to dish up the most relevant news, editorials and case studies. Our SmartStreamTM content engine then matches the most relevant stories to each reader. The result is a customized email “journal” of 8 to 10 stories with which our can readers interact. SmartStreamTM monitors those interactions and then gives our readers more of the types of stories they’ve chosen in their next issues.

37k Active Readers

HR Solution Journal searches and categorizes the universe of HR content on a daily basis. Using proprietary SmartStreamTM technology, stories are then selected for each reader based on the types of HR content they have read in the past. Instead of one size fits all, each HRSJ reader receives his own personalized issue, with just the most pertinent stories. So each week subscribers receive the most relevant news, case studies, and industry research, for their particular HR focus. HRSJ subscribers are leaders in their corporation, as they oversee personnel and other business resources. They are responsible for large budgets to hire, maintain records, purchase software, office supplies, attend conferences, and use a myriad of other business products and services. HR Solution Journal, as the name implies, helps personnel professionals find the right Solution to their organizational needs.

205k Active Readers

Starting and operating a small business in today’s globalized economy presents unique risks and opportunities. These entrepreneurs and C-level managers must face all the same challenges of their enterprise-level colleagues, but do so with fewer resources, less time and a smaller pool of people to confide in for advice. For these executives relevant industry news, case studies and best practices give them a fighting chance to compete against larger rivals . But who has time to read magazines, search websites or listen to lectures when there’s payroll to make this Friday? Small Business Solution Journal from Solution Publishing leverages our patent pending SmartStreamTM technology canvases over 200 publications and news sources for content specifically relevant to small business. These stories are then delivered in digest format each week via email. Each executive indicates their specific interests by the articles they click. Within a short time, SmartStreamTM learns the specific business interest profile of each reader then customizes the stories in each issue to be a perfect match. One entrepreneur may be dealing with recruiting and payroll issues while another small business executive is concerned with management and motivation. Each reader receives their own custom built issue of SBSJ with stories selected from the world of business content. Now small business executives can cancel their paid subscriptions let SBSJ save them a world of time by delivering all the news they need directly to their inbox.

410k Active Readers

IT Solution Journal – UK is a weekly, email-based publication that serves IT pros across the United Kingdom with localized news, editorial and how-to’s by matching their specific interests to stories via our SmartStream technology. Each week hundreds of stories are sourced from publications with the UK and English-speaking Europe and used to create a customized journal of content for each individual reader. Whitepaper and webinar offers are then chosen for each reader and displayed within the journal as an offer. The result is higher engagement and connection rates for ITSJ prospects than for traditional “static” publications. ITSJ-UK is sourced with local content and delivered using local ISPs. If you are trying to access the hot UK IT market, ITSJ-UK is a great alternative to traditional media.

62k Active Readers


Construction Tech Solution Journal is weekly vehicle that reaches construction pros with content related to improving, automating and enhancing the building of structures using new technologies and methods. With over 100,000 readers, ConTechSJ sources stories from over 100 online news outlets to build each person a custom weekly email journal. From line workers to contractors to civil engineers, ConTechSJ addresses the interests of the full spectrum of building stake holders. For vendors of construction technologies, ConTechSJ is a great resource for lead generation and brand building.

121k Active Readers

Lead Generation

Chose the Level of Leads You Need

At Solution Publishing, we are online lead generation experts. Content syndication lead generation is the primary way that our publications engage our readers on behalf of our advertising partners. We’ve developed processes that give our customers the choice of how far down the sales funnel their leads need to be.

Exclusively Generated Online (MQLs)

We can syndicate your whitepaper or webinar content through all of our journal audiences to give you highly engaged market qualified leads (MQLs) for use in lead nurturing programs and top of funnel prospecting. All of our leads are generated by email initiated, gated registration forms. We never use call centers to initiate contact with prospects.

Call Confirmation Moves Leads Down the Funnel (SQLs)

Once leads have been generated by our readers registering for your whitepaper or webinar content, our editors will telephone each prospect to verify their contact details and confirm that they are reachable by phone. While they don’t qualify the prospects, this level of lead provides your sales force with warm, reachable leads to be worked immediately. For these sales qualified leads (SQLs) we only pass back to you those leads our editors are able to confirm.

Our Editors Qualify Your Leads via In-Depth Interview (HQLs)

For maximum lead value, our editors will use their expertise to interview your leads to determine those with an active, relevant project, an approved budget, a timeline for purchase and verified purchasing authority. These high quality leads (HQLs) significantly reduce the quantity of leads you receive but ensure your sales people are only spending their time speaking to active, qualified prospects.

SmartStream is a proprietary, patent pending technology that does what the human brain cannot. SmartStream™ calculates and analyzes in real time millions of data points to predict our readers’ interests, determines the context of their focuses, and the best possible time to deliver particular content.

SmartStream’s™ state-of-the-art technology continuously aggregates, sorts, matches, and verifies hundreds of millions of data points to better understand and serve each of our readers.

We know it works:

  • Our readers are 3.4 x more likely to click on article content than control group*
  • MQL lead connnection rate more than 2x industry norm.*
  • Avgerage list rental open rates above 15% when targeted by SmartStream™*

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